32 best spooky outdoor Halloween decorations ideas

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Halloween decorating has reached new heights in recent years — literally, if the continuing craze for giant front yard skeletons is any indication!

As interest in over-the-top Halloween decorating grows, supplies are dwindling, so if you plan to go big with your outdoor spooky season decor this year, the time to act is now. We’ve searched high and low to help you find the creepiest, crawliest, spookiest outdoor Halloween decorations to make your house the talk of the neighborhood.

$299 at Home Depot

The OG Skelly is back at Home Depot again this year — orders are limited to one per customer to ensure there are enough of our big-boned friend to go around, but it’s still best to act fast before he sells out!

$59.99 $44.99 at Amazon

Haunted Hill Farm 12 ft. Giant Talking Halloween Reaper

If you can’t get your hands on a giant skeleton, can we interest you in a 12-foot talking reaper instead?

$349.99 at Best Buy

Seasonal Visions 8-Foot Towering Skeleton

This 8-foot skeleton is a bit smaller than his 12-foot counterpart, but he has some cool features that are all his own. The oversized skeleton figure features posable arms and a moving jaw, and he’ll make spooky noises to up the creep factor.

$79.99 at Oriental Trading

Unicorn Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Giant yard skeletons aren’t limited to the human form! There are loads of fun skeletons to choose from, including this unicorn skeleton, which we love for its surprising and fanciful turn on the trend.

$399 at Home Depot

Home Accents Holiday 69 in Animated Giant Silver Dragon Halloween Animatronic

Dragons are sure to be a big trend this Halloween, thanks to HBO’s massive hit “House of the Dragon” — and what better way to let your fan flag fly high than with a giant animatronic lawn dragon?!

$97.99 at Oriental Trading

Glowing Face Witch Halloween Decoration Set

Witches, but make them friendly. These green-glowing-faced ladies aren’t so scary that the kids will run away, but they will weave a spell of spookiness in your yard.

$69.99 $49.99 at Amazon

Haunted Hill Farm 6FT Life-Size Animatronic Witch

But maybe you want a terrifying witch! No problem, we’ve got terrifying giant witches for you! This lovely lady is 12 feet tall, making her a perfect match for Skelly in the event you wanted him to have a companion.

$28.99 $25.99 at Amazon

Rocinha 4Ft Giant Spider and Colorful Hairy Spider with Red Eyes for Yard

Oh? A 4-foot hairy spider, you say?? WITH RED EYES??? [faints]

$59.99 at Amazon

Turnmeon 12 Foot Giant Halloween Inflatables Stacked Pumpkins with Witch Hat

Inflatables are another way to add height to your outdoor Halloween decor — and they typically aren’t as terrifying for little (and big, let’s be honest here!) kids. This 12-foot stacked pumpkin inflatable is about as welcoming as it gets, making it a great choice for a friendlier outdoor Halloween look.

$19.98 at Amazon

Lovada Halloween Yard Signs

If you’re going to go for a super-scary outdoor setup, you’ll want to let people know what to expect — and what better way to communicate than through these spooky yard signs warning people about what’s ahead?

$26.99 at Amazon

Joyin Halloween Animated Hanging Grim Reaper with Glowing Eyes and Creepy Sound

A hanging Grim Reaper is creepy enough on his own, but this Grim Reaper is 59 inches tall! He also sports a set of glowing eyes and comes with sound effects and a shaking function, all of which can be voice controlled for on-the-fly spookiness.

$23.99 for 3 at Amazon

Funpeny Hanging Ghost Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Some ghosts are friendly, and then there are these ghosts. These ghosts are not friendly at all! They are terrifying, so if you’re looking to scare the neighborhood children, these are the ghosts you want.

$29.95 $19.99 at Amazon

Joyin Halloween Decorations Skeleton Stakes

Turn your front yard into a graveyard with these incredibly creepy skeleton garden stakes.

$26.99 at Amazon

Joyin 63” Halloween Realistic Hairy Spiders

If the creepy skeleton garden stakes aren’t quite creepy enough, how about adding some realistic hairy spiders to the mix? These three hairy spiders measure 5 feet, 2 inches each and are outfitted with red eyes to make them even more terrifying.

$10 at Target

Yard Stake Witch Feet Halloween Decorative Holiday Scene Prop

Feeling witchy? Each of these decorative yard stakes features a black high-heeled witch foot attached to a printed orange-and-black leg, and they’re sure to delight trick-or-treaters.

$45.99 $18.99 at Amazon

Clodegs Halloween Decorations Outdoor Light Up Skeleton Arm Decorations

The colorful orange and purple LED lights that illuminate this set of four garden stakes helps to de-spookify the skeleton motif, making for a more kid-friendly turn on the skelly trend.

$19.99 at Amazon

Willbond Halloween Glow in the Dark Skeleton Flamingo Yard Decorations

These glow-in-the-dark flamingo skeletons will bring a touch of whimsy to your Halloween decor, and they’re another nice way to incorporate the skeleton trend without going full horror movie.

$26.77 at Home Depot

Bloem Spooky Flamingo Plastic Halloween Yard Decor Set of 2

If you like the idea of Halloween flamingos — and truly, who wouldn’t? — but you’re looking for something even more kid-friendly than the skeletal form, these orange and black plastic flamingos are a fun turn on those traditional lawn ornaments.

$18.99 $16.99 at Amazon

Twinkle Star Halloween Decorations Jack-o'-Lantern Garden Stakes, 4-Pack

These smiling pumpkins are sure to bring a smile to the faces of little trick-or-treaters, making them a perfect choice for a family-friendly outdoor Halloween look.

$16.99 $11.89 at Personalization Mall

Haunted House Personalized Magnetic Garden Sign

Welcome trick-or-treaters with this cute sign you can personalize with two lines of text that is magnetized to a stake for your yard. You can switch out signs for other holidays too!

$22.99 at Oriental Trading

LED Ghost Yard Stakes

These little ghost cuties can be stuck in the ground in your yard, in your garden or even in a large potted plant for maximum Halloween thrills.

$41.99 at Amazon

Goosh Demon's Huge Eyes Blow-Up Yard Decoration With LED Lights

Make the ’80s Rockwell classic song “Somebody’s Watching Me” a reality with this giant set of light-up demon eyes! The 4.2-foot inflatable is weather-resistant and fitted with bright LED lights to help trick-or-treaters find their way to the bowl of candy.

$65.99 at Amazon

Hoojo 6-Foot Halloween Inflatable Scarecrow With Pumpkins and Built-In LEDs

Keep it sweet, not scary, with this highly rated, jolly scarecrow and pumpkins that is 6 feet tall, lights up and will convert your garden or porch into a seasonal spectacle.

$12.99 $11.04 at Amazon

Bonropin Halloween Balloon Garland Arch

Up the wow factor with a scary spider balloon arch that’s highly rated and perfect for a Halloween party or just giving your entryway major pop for trick-or-treating.

$49.99 at Amazon

SdeNow 8-Foot Halloween Inflatables Ghost Decoration

Filled with bright spinning red LED lights, this inflatable ghoulie will keep all the children running for candy on Halloween night. Built for outdoor use, this decoration comes with a fixed sandbag, tethers and stakes to secure to the ground.

$109.99 $95.99 at Amazon

Video SeasonBlow 9-Foot Animated Fire and Ice Dragon With Wings

If you want to go really over the top, this 9-foot-high flame-breathing dragon will light up your yard whether you’re in the city or the desert. The whole block will be talking!

Halloween decorations for front and garage doors

$29.98 at Home Depot

Halloween Lightshow Projection-Whirl-a-Motion Nightmare Before Christmas

Projectors are a fun and easy way to turn a garage door or the side of the house into a spooky Halloween scene with minimal setup required. This projector has a range of up to 15 feet and includes stakes to secure it to a lawn or groundscape.

$19.99 at Amazon

Konohan Halloween Skeleton Garage Door Magnetic Sticker

Maybe you like the idea of a giant skeleton but aren’t so keen on the idea of assembling, disassembling and storing a 12-foot pile of bones. We’ve got just the thing for you: a 57-inch magnetic skeleton that can be affixed to a garage door.

$20.99 at Amazon

Halloween Bats Garage Door Decorations

We’re batty for bats, and you can be too with this set of 20 magnetic bats for garage doors! There are six styles of bats, including hanging bats and bats in flight.

$10.99 at Amazon

Fun Little Toys Halloween Scary Skeleton Curtain Door Cover

A good way to deter trick-or-treaters and keep all the candy for yourself is to put up this incredibly frightening door cover. Something to consider!

$18.99 at Amazon

Jollylife Large Size Halloween Monster Face Archway Outdoor Decor With LED Eyes

This Halloween eyes-and-fangs archway can be used over a front door or affixed to the side of a house or a garage door for a scary welcome to all who dare to enter.

$29.99 $19.99 at Personalization Mall

Skeleton Family Personalized Halloween Doormats

Get the whole family in on the scare with this personalized doormat you customize with your family name and each family member’s first name above their spooky skeleton version.