Adele’s concert postponement has fans disappointed

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She explained that her team “tried absolutely everything we can to put it together in time and for it to be good enough for you, but we’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and Covid.”

The show dates, slated to run on weekends through April, will be rescheduled, Adele said. But for some ticket holders, the decision to pause on the performances came too late.

“I am on the plane to Vegas RN w/ my hotel booked for tomorrow’s opening night. You must’ve known the show wasn’t ready yesterday. Yes, covid, but u can cancel things 3 days b4. It’s cruel to wait 26 hrs until 1st show. Wasted flight and hotel money!!”

Another person commented that she won’t be able to take another trip when the show is rescheduled.

“I flew in yesterday. Don’t really have the option to drop the time and money to come back again whenever it’s rescheduled.”

A concertgoer who traveled from Australia said she is “heartbroken.”

“I traveled all the way from Sydney Australia to see @Adele tomorrow in Vegas. I spent thousands of dollars on this trip and now she canceled the night before. Very unprofessional and I am heartbroken. Can I get m&g passes for PLAY instead.”

Comscore media analyst Paul Dergarabedian told CNN the repercussions of postponing a concert, particularly in Las Vegas, are far reaching.

“Las Vegas is a destination and not home base for most of the fans for whom a trip to Vegas becomes an event in and of itself,” he said. “[Getting to the show] represents a large investment of time, money and effort. Thus the canceling of any show, particularly at the eleventh hour, is a huge deal.”

Degarabedian said live events are tough to pull off right now.

“In the Covid-era, amid all the uncertainty including health concerns for fans, talent, and crew, pulling off a major Vegas show is no small feat,” he said. “It involves so many heretofore unthinkable external factors.”

He added that canceled concerts may just be another part of our new normal.

“At least in the near term, cancellations and postponements may become a common occurrence for the entertainment industry,” he said.

Some ticket holders who had already traveled for this weekend’s performances are still trying to make the best of the situation, suggesting an outdoor gathering of Adele fans.

“I believe that the ones that are already in #Vegas Tomorrow 1/21/22 at 8pm at the Colosseum entrance. We start with Hold On. If you have a speaker, please bring it. Live stream if you can.”

“Still out here supporting our girl. Your daydreamers love you,” wrote one Adele supporter. “We’ll be ready when you are.”