Nick Carter on how being a pandemic dad led to a new duet

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But he also found some inspiration.

The father of three with his wife Lauren Kitt told CNN he was at home when a song idea came to him about his life as a stay-at-home dad once Covid-19 shut down his touring with the Backstreet Boys.

It would go on to become his new single, “Easy,” with country singer Jimmie Allen.

Turned out the pair had a mutual admiration for each other, something Carter said he discovered after he began working with one of Allen’s really good friends.

“We got on the phone, Facetimed each other and we just connected, clicked immediately,” Carter said. “He decided to do the second verse of the song and he wrote it. And the rest is history.”

Carter and his original boy band recently relaunched their “DNA World Tour” in Las Vegas after being on hiatus due to the pandemic.

The singer said he had to return to the gym to shed the pounds he’d put on, which he said he needs to do in order to be a healthy father for son, Odin, 6, daughter Saoirse, 2, and his infant daughter, Pearl, as well as a performer.

“Listen,at the end of the day I’m 42 years old,” he said. “I’ve got to dance and sing on stage and I’ve got to be able to do all that and at the same time, come home, wake up in the morning, be with the kids and take them to school.”

Carter said he loves being a part of the group he first joined at age 11 and is eternally grateful for the Backstreet Boys fans who have been supporting them for more than three decades.

“Every single time I hit that stage, I know that it’s a blessing,” Carter said. “I know that people are spending their hard earned money for entertainment, so it’s important for me that when I leave that stage, I know you got, not only your money’s worth, but that you were entertained unlike any other time you’ve been.”