Patrick Mahomes says Andy Reid ‘stole the show’ in TV ad

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Andy Reid probably doesn’t have much of a future in acting, but Patrick Mahomes liked the job the Kansas City Chiefs coach did in his latest State Farm TV commercial.

“I made State Farm ask him first because I was scared,” Mahomes said. “Once they asked him, he kind of came to me and asked me if I wanted him to do it. Obviously I did because I know how much personality he has. … People don’t see it. They see the coach. They don’t see how funny he is.

“Once I got in there, he actually got to start before me and then I came in and I mean, he did a great job. I think he stole the show and I’m just trying to hold on to my State Farm partnership now [because] he was really good.”

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In the commercial, Reid draws mustaches on players with a pen while they’re sleeping on a team flight. Mahomes approaches Reid with a handlebar mustache drawn on him and complains, “Coach, it happened again.”

With pen in hand, Reid replies: “I’m going to get to the bottom of this.”

“It was a fun thing,” Reid said. “It was good to see how people treat Pat. It was interesting for me to see how that production goes. He does a lot of these things and it kind of gave me the inside scoop on it, literally, to be able to see what he has to go through to put all these together.

“It’s quite interesting — great people involved there. They obviously reached out and talked to me about it knowing that I wasn’t real comfortable doing those kinds of things, but they made it as comfortable as possible.”