Zero-Waste Ideas For 2022

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If one of your goals in the coming year is to reduce your waste, these mission-driven businesses can help swap out some household usuals for more eco-friendly alternatives — and support businesses that have a strong commitment to the environment. Start the year with less plastic.

A Plastic-Free Dinner Set by Repurpose

Repurpose’s plastic-free dinnerware set for kids, made of compostable materials.


Full Circle’s Zero-Waste Sponge Cloth

Swap out paper towels for these re-usable sponge cloths that can last over 6 months.

Full Circle

Soapply Starter Kit with Refillable Soap


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Soapply’s refillable soap starter kit.


Bog Berry Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls made in the USA

Package Shop

If You Care Fair Trade Natural Rubber Gloves

Household gloves made from FSC certified natural rubber

If You Care

Meliora Cleaning Dish Soap Bar

Dish Soap Bar, design to swap out liquid dish soap in plastic bottles.


Hanni’s Weighted Razor

Hanni’s single-blade razor that’s stylish and eco-friendly.


101 Ways To Go Zero Waste

Buy this book for more ideas on United By Blue’s site, a company devoted to more eco-friendly … [+] consumerism.

United by Blue